About the Sheriff


In my announcement I told you that I have been very pleased with our accomplishments made in the past 4 years. I wanted to share some of these:


· Much of my time has been utilized within the jail as I feel this has been needed. New cameras have been installed inside and outside of the jail along with a perimeter fence. This has deterred escapes and promoted safety for our staff, inmates and the community. We also have a re-entry program by Action Coalition in place to help decrease recidivism in those being released and a new SAVIN program is utilized to notify victims of domestic violence of releases. Additionally, we have a new fingerprint machine and have had more training for the staff. I personally meet with the Jail Administrator and staff daily and also spend time back in the jail on a daily basis.


· Income from the jail has increased from approx. $396,000 in 2005 to approx. $890,000 in 2009. This is due mainly to the decision to house more state inmates. The State Jail Inspector determines staff by the capacity of the jail, not the actual number we house so we have the same staff and utilities expense with 35 inmates as we do for 100. The only increase is in food. This has resulted in a great  increase in profit. We also did  a request to the Dept. of Correction for medial back pay that had not been collected in prior years. This resulted in approx. $100,000 in back pay money and we continue to submit monthly medical bills to generate these funds. This extra money comes back to Johnson County to the general fund for whatever is needed most.


· Alcohol and drug enforcement has been enhanced with new surveillance equipment, sobriety checkpoints, active Drug Task Force participation and an intense focus on meth labs; shutting down more than 18 in 2009 alone.


· Progress has been made in patrol division and investigations. We now have two investigators on day shift and one on a second shift. Surveillance equipment had been updated. Nightline, a local business has donated equipment that makes possible a new Special Emergency Response Team. We also continue to provide a School Resource Officer and three bailiffs for our court system.


· We have several goals for the next four years. We want to continue the same level of income and quality of the jail, increase alcohol and drug enforcement and continue to update equipment and resources for our investigators and officers. One specific goal I have is to work with the County Commission to get a full time animal control officer for Johnson County as about 30-40% of our calls are animal related.


· All of this would not be possible without or staff. I think we have a really good staff and they do a great job! I certainly appreciate them. I also appreciate the community support shown our department. It has meant so much.

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