The Sheriffs Department is made up of several vital divisions.  

Patrol Division. This division is made up of 8 full time deputies that work a rotating shift. The 2 shifts are 7am to 7pm and 7pm to 7am. All deputies work a minimum of  172 hours per month.

Power shift. We have 3 slots for power shift workers. The usual hours are 1pm to 1am or 3pm to 3am, working the same minimum of hours per month as the Patrol division.

Investigation. We have a total of 3 Full Time Investigators. Investigators work Monday through Friday with a wide range of hours, and are also on call 24 hours and on the weekends.

Special Response Team. We currently have a 4 member team that is on call at all times to respond to crisis situations as well as any other emergency that  may arise in the county.

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